Spend a day or two in our community enjoying all the related activities.  There is more to see and do so check out  A Day with The Saint John’s bible and plan a long full day!

A day of art, history and fine fare

The museum opens at 9am Monday to Saturday so stop in for a full morning at the Hjemkomst Center for The Saint John’s Bible.  Docents are avialble to give you a tour and answer questions. 

Google Maps has the interactive map “Day with the Saint Johns Bible” that you can load and use to plot your road trip.



Break for Lunch at Rex Cafe and try some Minnesota Nice local fare (12-1:30pm weekdays)

Just down the road is the Rourke Gallery with displays on rare art books and medieval and bhind them is the Moorhead library with their unqiue collections of tools and calligraphic works.  Trinity Lutheran in Moorhead has a self-guided art tour that is well worth a visit during office hours. 



Across the river on Broadway is the Spirit Room so stop in for their exhibit of icons and visit the Main Fargo Library for art and calligraphy displays in October and December during their normal business hours.  First Presbyterian church welcomes you to tour their historic stained glass and building.


Then head south on 25th S to Gethsemane Cathedral to see the bible in book form from 10-2pm weekdays or call to book. 


What a day!  Happy hour starts at 4pm so stop in at Luna on University for artisan eats, coffee or wine, and art exhibitions of calligraphy, watercolor and illuminations.  


For more information, contact Anne Kaese at 701-373-5933 who can curate a day of activities for you and answer all questions.