Winter is here so spring cannot be far behind

IMG_2561[1]This winter we installed bird feeders at both my office windows.  Oh boy!  I think we are feeding every bird in a hundred mile radius.  The noise and excitement has been great background noise.  They do make me smile.

What has not made me smile is my calendar through the end of April.  It is crazy with mainly kid stuff.  But they come first and my beloved teaching slides in behind their demands on my time and resources.  So this means there is slim pickings for classes this season…..

So here is what is on the schedule for sure:

Moorhead Community Ed it is!!!!!

Watercolor Hot in the Tropics Monday 2/22; 2/29 and 3/7 6:30pm – 9pm Probsfield 202 $69/64

Calligraphy Italic (yay!) Wednesday 2/3; 2/17 and 2/24 6:30pm – 9pm Probstfield 202 $69/$64

Now if I am correct the room they have me in will take 8-9 students so my suggestion is to sign up soon for those.  Moorhead Community Ed is the link.
Their catalog arrived in the mail today so you can go and book.

Now, as for classes here……  Oh boy, what a mess!  Here is what I can offer at our normal time slots and class rate of $25 per session:

Monday night watercolor:  6:30pm 1/25,  and 3/7 (And 3 nights community ed)
Tuesday night calligraphy: 6:30pm  1/26; 2/16; 2/23; 3/15; 3/22 and 3/29 (There are not many holidays on a Tuesday)
Friday 11:30am 1/29, 2/5, 2/26 and 3/11

I am going to continue the watercolor theme of Hot in the Tropics – looking at ways to saturate colour, overpaint, etc.  For calligraphy, we are going to look at using different tools in different ways with both our natural handwriting and the calligraphy hands you know.  The first lesson will be on making our own pen and that lesson will probably run longer than usual.

Let me know what sessions and dates work for you so I can compile a matrix of who is coming when and make sure we have at least 2 people at every class.
So apologies for the crazy schedule.

Summer 2015 classes

Summer 2015 Classes and Events

Yes, summer is coming

The days are getting longer and spring fever has hit my household.

I normally do not teach over the summer but due to requests, this year we are trying something new.
Classes in my studio:  Watercolor and calligraphy evening offerings every other week starting in June so you can keep playing, learning and connecting with other artists but still have time for summer and your own art. Each class is its own module so pick one or all 14! I am looking forward to teaching this summer – I have tables for outside and I am sure there will be interesting treats too. Space is limited.   Here is the link to sign up:
Classes at Moorhead Community Ed:  Aa 4 hour Intro to Calligraphy class on May 2nd which is a Saturday. So this week!  A fun class for beginners and more experienced calligraphers wanting to play with their natural hand writing and some colour too.  It is a fun 4 hours.   Sign up with them here

Classes in the Community:

May 7th finds me at the West Fargo Library for an evening of watercolor and painting flowers.  This series of classes have been funded by a grant from The Arts Partnership so they are extremely affordable and as a result fill up very fast.  Registration opens in April.

And finally, for the 4th year in a row, I will be teaching at Praying with Imagination, a weeklong retreat at St John’s Abbey that blends meditation, discussion and an art experience.  This is the gift that I give myself each year as it is such a wonderment to me to have people from around the world most of them nervously trying out calligraphy, watercolor and book making to journal their week.  All are welcome at this retreat.

Experiencing Heritage Arts

The great thing about heritage arts is you have to get dirty – or at least messy – to know you are doing them right.  Inspire Innovations Lab asked me to do some “live” calligraphy for them for a video promo for Giving Hearts Day.  I wimped – my hands look terrible and winter is never kind to them either so I donated an invite and some props.

But you can donate to them Feb 12th – this is a great organization and they support calligraphy too!  Help our kids get messy too.