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Here is the new schedule link.

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Docent Signups 101417


I will keep updating this page so book mark this link for the most up to date info at any time – this will probably work better than the email system.  But I will still send emails to tell you to come and check here. 


Here is the docent document:

Docent Checklist – 10/1/17 Rev 2

Start of any shift

  1. Check in, log you start time on the log. Get your nametag and vest. Put any valuables in the blue opaque box on the shelf.  
  2. There is a micro fiber cloth to clean the cases and the Plexiglass. NO – not a drop or hint – of water or cleaner should be used.  We are dry dusting everything only.
  3. Be aware of the magnifiers, brochures, and cards. Keep track of them.
  4. The iPad lives at the front desk. A docent, guest and iPad form a 3 unit team.  Do not let the iPad out of your sight.
  5. The tools: check them out morning and night. Make sure they are all there.  There are 13 units.  These are all from Anne’s personal collection and the St John’s feather – which can also be bought in the gift shop and is a collector’s item as no more are being made – if the most precious.  The rest of the tools range in value from nothing to $25. 
  6. Sign in – we need to check the volunteer hours
  7. Turn TV on – there are 3 movies that play in a loop
  8. Books – these are for your reference. Remind people that they can buy the books and SJB volumes in the gift shop.
  9. Check the clipboards and exemplars – there should be blank paper, a calligraphy pen and the lettering sample on the clipboard. We have two sets but one will be enough on the table in the gallery most days.
  10. Every guest in the gallery will or should have an SJB sticker. If they have an Hjemkomst sticker, they have not paid for the Saint John’s Bible exhibit.  If they do not have the correct SJB sticker, ask them nicely and politely to return to the front desk to correct the problem.  The staff are ready for this.  Keep a count of how many of sneaking down and trying to get into the exhibit assuming that they have access? Let Maureen know how many people you have to ask to go back upstairs so that she can fix any process issues if needed. The process upstairs is new to those volunteers and given the number of steps that are now introduced, it will take a while for the volunteers to remember all the extra steps.  Run upstairs and ask one of the staff to help out.  On the weekends, be nice, friendly and firm and if they resist, walk away.   A rule of St Benedict is to welcome all guests as if they were a Christ.  If someone is so determined not to pay the $5 upcharge, they probably need a little more love in their lives and maybe this exhibition is it.
  11. When you take a break, visit the break room behind the office for water and snack’ums. The water is in the far right fridge and the Trail Mix is in a box on top of the box.  When the levels are low, let Anne know (701-205-INKS) so she can buy more.  There are always treats on the table in the break room and you can sample.
  12. Welcome guests and listen to them. Have fun.
  13. Update the date in the guest book and remind people to sign in. Remind people to write in the journal.
  14. Use an inside voice. Do not hog guests and talk for ages.  Engage and then set them free to tour the gallery. 

At the end of your shift:

  1. If there are no guests, please run the vacuum around. 
  2. Check the cases and clean as needed.
  3. Check on the tools, iPad, magnifiers, brochures, etc. Let the office know of shortages.
  4. Make sure the books are on the docent desk.
  5. Check magnifiers
  6. Pack up the journal into the 12×12 box.
  7. Check out at the Dove Center. Logout on the book, make comments and notes.  Let Anne know of anything that worried you.  If it is a gallery deficiency, let Markus and/or Matt know.  Changes might not be made.
  8. Return your name tag and vest. Claim your valuables.
  9. Log out from your shift and leave comments.
  10. Tell the staff upstairs at the desk or the gift shop or office that you leaving and no one is in the gallery so they can lock up.



Things that will happen:

I am making 3 books – 2 of which you saw with Tim.  The book that unfolds from a personal book to a community book and another book that shows the signatures/gatherings and page numbers.

Wendy has Post It’s and gel pens for people to write things that illuminated them as they toured the gallery.  These will be posted on a board and gathered up and then submitted to St John’s for their archives.  We might bring these boards out on weekends as one more activity for people to engage in.


Reminder:  The key is communication.  We are all here to help each other.  I love getting emails of changes to the schedule.  If you cannot make a shift, maybe call a friend to cover you.  Let us know.  Update the schedule.  I am here to help make you successful. 





Anne Kaese

701-205-INKS (4657)