Illuminating Hope: Calligraphic Expressions of the Thoughts & Blessings People Offer Others

This calligraphy by local artist, Anne Kaese, is a celebration of the common thoughts, prayers, blessings, and desires of people.

Take a look inside the minds of the Dalai Lama, St Francis of Assisi, Max Ehrdman’s “Desiderata”, a 90 year old’s rules for life and Charles Wesley, among others, and find hope and blessings from different nations, religions and viewpoints. This exhibit strives to remind us to Go into the World and Do Good in the World. Prints of all the artwork will be available for order.

The exhibit will hang until the end of December 2017.

Meet Anne on Wednesday December 20th from 4-6pm at Luna on 1545 University Dr S in Fargo.

Artist information: I have been studying and working in calligraphy and watermedia for over 30 years. I enjoy teaching calligraphy and watercolor. The historical perspective is fascinating and can be made relevant today even in an age of computers and Photoshop. The pen and brush continue to make history and art and act as the societal glue we need into today’s world.

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Anne Kaese’s calligraphy exhibit “Illuminating Hope”