Anne Kaese Artist, watercolor teacher Calligraphy, calligrapher

I am a passionate and patient teacher who enjoys passing on the love of calligraphy and watercolor to others.  Anne offers a continuing series of lessons for people wanting to continue to learn calligraphy and/or watercolor on an ongoing basis.  You only get better by keeping those brushes or pens wet.  And so student meet for 7 or 8 weeks 3 or 4 times a year to keep pushing and learning and exploring our artistic passions.  Classes are offered at night and during the day.

Please contact Anne for info on classes offered in my home studio.  These are small gatherings of students for watercolor and calligraphy and classes.


I have a full roster of upcoming classes scheduled for 2017.  Click 2017 Spring and Summer for the full listing


For a smaller class and more intimate learning experience, I offer classes at my home studio.  Watercolor classes are Monday nights and Friday mornings.  Let me know if you want to register or have questions. 

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