10th Annual “Art at the Lake” Workshop

September 22 – 24, 2017 

“Diving In: Watercolor Wax Batik”

with Linda Renaud, RRWS signature member

 How to register 

Registration this year is online for reserving your spot.  Payment can be sent directly to the treasurer at RRWS, PO Box 1656, Fargo, ND 58107.  You will need to put a check number on the registration form so I know payment has been sent.   

Click on this link to register:   https://goo.gl/forms/JFsx7B4AzbWm04Ny2

Questions?  Call Anne at 701-373-5933 or email calligraphy@AnneKaese.com 

Cost:  $190 including class, most supplies, shared accommodation in the Lodge,

and most meals, or $160 with no accommodation.


Linda Renaud grew up on a farm in central Iowa. She was something of a tomboy, preferring to be outdoors doing chores or helping her father with the livestock.

Being outdoors in nature was where Linda also encountered God.  Her family visited many of the national parks when she was growing up; touring the Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountain National Park, Yosemite, the Tetons, the Sequoias, and more – so much grandeur and beauty.

In Linda’s understanding, our world is a created place.  She seeks to draw attention to the beauty, the strength, and the fragility of life, and to honor God in the process.  Linda paints in watercolor, watercolor wax batik, acrylic and mixed media.  Her watercolor wax batiks utilize alternating applications of wax and paint to create a sense of texture, contrasts of light and dark and luminous layers of color.  


The process of watercolor wax batik will be explained, demonstrated and practiced in this hands-on workshop, alternating intensive work sessions with relaxing free time and enjoyment of the beautiful natural surroundings.

Learn how to select the best photos to work from, plan your painting, build the multiple layers of wax and watercolor and then do the final batiking and the “reveal.”

Notes:   Linda will bring the paper we will be painting on – with the drawing already hand-drawn on the paper! (Needed to save time – this schedule is 2.5 to 3 hours less than she estimates we would normally need).  Linda will also have a color photo and a black and white photo of the subject for each person to work from.   She will also bring one or two additional pieces/samples of paper for people to take home for them to use if they wish to continue (or as collage paper…)  Linda will supply each participant with 2-3 cheap brushes for use in the melted paraffin wax which will also be supplied.  She will bring a roll of newsprint – for absorbing the wax as we iron it off.

 Supplies to share:  Linda has one fondue pot with a thermostat (for melting wax).  We will need to have at least 6 more!  She will bring an iron also – and again, we will need SEVERAL of these for the end of the class.  Newspapers! – Linda uses clean newsprint next to the painting as she irons, and uses layers of newspapers outside that (if that makes sense).  It takes a lot of newsprint to soak up the wax as we iron it off!

Participants will need to bring:  watercolor palette, artist quality watercolor paint & brushes, old bath towel, tracing paper, set of Sharpie markers (7-8 colors), masking tape, and a painting board with freezer paper taped to one side (at least 12” by 16”) as well as paper towels, Kleenex, rags and apron as desired.  Participants should be able to work comfortably in watercolor.  This class is not for beginning watercolorists.



Northern Pines Camp is a beautiful 90-mile drive from Fargo.  Situated on Fish Hook Lake, it provides a quiet sanctuary of pleasant scenery and sights.  The fall colors should be raging, as we head out for 2 nights and 3 days of painting pleasure.  

Most meals are provided.  Friday night, bring a bag supper to enjoy before our first session begins.  Hiking, eagle watching, walks, boating, and lovely scenery will be ours to enjoy – when we are not enjoying the vitality and creativity of you and our hosts and teachers.   

Accommodation is shared in the newly remodeled lodge building.  Bring your own bedding.  For those wanting a quieter sleeping option (rooms at Northern Pines sleep 2 – 6 people and are assigned based on registration acceptance) I would suggest you stay at local hotels or B&B’s and not stay at Northern Pines.  You can participate in our workshop and enjoy meals with us but pop back to your hotel room for a sleep.


We need 12 registrations for this workshop to be held.  Registrations will be taken on a first paid basis.  Preference is given to RRWS members.  Registrations from non-RRWS members will be confirmed after July 1st in the order they were received.   Refunds will be paid if we do not have sufficient registrations.  Registration fees are not refundable unless we can fill your place with someone from the waiting list.   

The fee for the weekend includes the following:  Shared accommodation in the Lodge (typically 3 – 4 people per room), all meals on Saturday, a Sunday brunch buffet, and workshops.  On Friday night, bring a bag supper to enjoy before our first workshop session begins.  Bring your own bedding and towels or rent bedding from camp for a $5 fee. 

Call Anne at 701-373-5933 or email Calligraphy@AnneKaese.com with questions. 


Friday, September 22

Afternoon    Arrive and check in; bring a packed supper

5:45 pm        Welcome and introductions in Red Pine

6:15 pm – 8:30 pm     Workshop Session 1 ~ Diving In to Watercolor Wax Batik

  • Participants will be painting the same painting (in order to save time and help us to “hit the ground running.”)
  • Recognizing Value Changes (light to dark)
  • Review of Color – color harmonies, analogous & complementary colors
  • Planning Your Painting
  • Initial Wax Application – and Initial Wash of Watercolor

n Saturday, September 23

8:00 am        Breakfast 

9:00 am        Workshop Session 2 ~ Waxing and Watercoloring!

  • Continuing with the planning/diagramming process
  • Building Up the Layers
  • To give a few breaks (and allow paintings to dry) instructor will share tips and techniques: papers to use (and not) and where to find them

 1:00 pm       Lunch 

1:45 pm      Workshop Session 3

  • How to Work from your own Photo – IF we are making good progress on our paintings.
  • Bring your own photo(s) – printed as an 8×10 color photo AND an 8×10 black and white copy of the same photo. Photos can (and should) be printed on plain copier paper.  Make sure your photos are not too dark – and have good highlight areas.  Photos with good light from an angle are best.  Feel free to consult with the instructor beforehand!!  Linda’s email is showandtellartist@gmail.com
  • Working with your own photos will alternate with ongoing building up of the wax and paint layers.

 3:45 pm     Free time for everyone!

5:30 pm      Dinner

6:30 pm      Free evening [or maybe a mini workshop]

n Sunday, September 24

 8:30 am       Workshop Session 4 ~ Finishing Well 

  • Final layers
  • Batiking your painting
  • The “Reveal” – removing the wax, sharing the results

 11:00 am      Final wrap up and comments

 11:30 am      Brunch

   1:00 pm      Pack up and leave for home