The Saint John;’s Bible exhibit is coming.

The Saint John’s Bible Exhibition

October 2017 marks the opening of an amazing exhibit of 68 original pages of The Saints Bible at the Hjemkomst.  This unique exhibit builds on the success of the previous exhibits of reproductions.  A committee is in place to work with community partners to create an exhibit that goes beyond the walls of the Hjemkomst and connects, artists, historians, scientists, religious, sceptics and people who wonder about the world in new and different ways.

Community Involvement

The symphony plans a piece in their November concert that will include projecting the images from the exhibition over the musicians as they play.  The FM Symphony’s November Concert is called “Illuminating the Soul” and will be rich with imagery as well as an exhibit of the Heritage edition and prints in the lobby.  The F-M Youth Symphony December Concert at First Presbyterian in Fargo will be called “Fruits of the Spirit” and will feature art and calligraphy.   The Rourke Art Gallery is planning an exhibit to tie in with this one.  Northern Light Stitchers will have an exhibit of embroidery inspired by The Saint Johns Bible as will a quilting group.  Calligraphy students will have an exhibit of their work.  There will be a visit to Michael Orchard’s stained glass workshop and a guided tour of stained glass in the community. Etc. etc.

Getting Connected

If you want to be part of this, please contact me or email to talk with someone from the Hjemkomst. 

Check out for more information from the Hjemkomst or to make a tax deductible donation. 

Here is a look back at a previous exhibit:  Bible Video from KVRR 



If you would like to volunteer as a docent, please check all the information here



Here is a link images that can be used in marketing and publications in our community.