Welcome to the Docent Training!

Please review the following videos (about 25 minutes worth) and documents (another half an hour to an hour) and be prepared to answer a quiz on them.  The quiz will be easy commonly asked questions.

HCSCC_The Saint Johns Bible Brochure_May 18 Trifold RevisionA high level overview of our exhibit that has good summary info on the show.  A good summary of what the exhibit is. 

Elevator Speeches about The Saint Johns Bible  Quick summary statements about the project

The Scribe magazine

Media Fact Sheet  – note there are sub-pages on this web page

SJB Summary video

Donald Jackson interview video

https://soundcloud.com/archstl/catholic-gateway-podcast-episode-19 – A great podcast that is an excellent use of your time.

Heritage exhibit video – we will have original pages, not the books but the content is excellent

People at SJU talk about the Bible video

Steamboat article on the Bible