Welcome to the Docent Training!

Sessions are:

June 22 and 29th  at 4pm at Gethsemane

August 10th 1pm at Gethsemane – 4 hours.

September 5th and 12th 7-9pm

Week 1 – history and foundation

Week 2 – detailed discovery of the exhibition illuminations

In these two sessions we will work to cover the what, why and how of the Saint John’s Bible (SJB) so that you, the docent, have the knowledge and know-how to:

  1.  Lead tours of the exhibit
  2. Be a guest resource at the Hjemkomst for those who have questions.


Session 1:  The SJB Project

Please review the following videos (about 25 minutes worth) and documents (another half an hour to an hour) and be prepared to answer a quiz on them.  The quiz will be easy commonly asked questions.

HCSCC_The Saint Johns Bible Brochure_May 18 Trifold RevisionA high level overview of our exhibit that has good summary info on the show.  A good summary of what the exhibit is. 

Elevator Speeches about The Saint Johns Bible  Quick summary statements about the project

The Scribe magazine

Media Fact Sheet  – note there are sub-pages on this web page

SJB Summary video

Donald Jackson interview video

https://soundcloud.com/archstl/catholic-gateway-podcast-episode-19 – A great podcast that is an excellent use of your time.

Heritage exhibit video – we will have original pages, not the books but the content is excellent

People at SJU talk about the Bible video

Steamboat article on the Bible


Session 2:  Exhibit Details and Illumination Study

  We will review all the illuminations that will be on exhibit in detail.  Handouts will be provided.  Bring your St John;s Bible books and post it notes to make book marks. 


SJB Layout Guide

Notes on Setting up a projector for use with Powerpoint

Notes for older laptops

Common problems