Spend time studying illuminations and learning

July 13 & 14

Praying with Imagination  

This retreat invites people to ignite their spiritual imaginations as they study and pray with the Illuminated Word of The Saint John’s Bible; and then to extend that practice through the traditional arts including bookmaking and calligraphy. The retreat’s morning session focuses on the art and message of The Saint John’s Bible using the Seeing the Word process.  We will be led by Mark Strobel of Gethsemane Episcopal Church and Laurie Neill of First Lutheran.  The afternoon will invite participants to explore their own spirituality and creativity by developing their artistic imagination with Anne Kaese, a heritage artist.

It’s a simple and beautiful retreat experience. Mornings begin with the prayer practice of visio divina, followed by talks on Scripture and prayer.  After a brown bag lunch, participants work in the Scriptorium to learn new creative techniques and spiritual art practices.  All materials provided. 

For more info, email info@AnneKaese.com or go to www.AnneKaese.com\sjb to follow the Eventbrite link.

Explore illuminations from The Saint John’s Bible




$80 for 2 days of inspiring the spiritual imagination


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Gethsemane Cathedral
3600 25th St S, Fargo

9:30 am – 4 pm

July 13 and 14, 2017