Presentation and Education Offerings

This is a listing of the talks, presentations and offerings that I have delivered over the last 8 years to support public education on the Saint John’s Bible and calligraphy.  Offerings can be modified to better suit the target audience.  Contact Anne at or 701-205-4657 to discuss your needs. 

All the presentations and workshops are designed and delivered by Anne Kaese or another subject matter expert to offer unique insights and opportunities to the art, science and social justice issues presented in the St John’s Bible.  Other topics can be covered with advance notice – this is a sample of what has been offered before. There are a team of people who can present to a group you are affiliated with.  Topics that can be covered are:

St John’s Bible presentations

Overview Presentation

The Saint John’s Bible is the first handwritten, illuminated Bible commissioned since the advent of the printing press over 500 years ago. This project has been the subject of a documentary on BBC Television and the Smithsonian and drawn the attention of media throughout North America and Europe.   This lively and informative lecture will cover the methods (modern and traditional) used to produce this art work as well as showcasing some of the imaginative and original artworks.  We will unpack many of the illuminations as you get a behind the scenes view of a project that most have said could never be done again by humans.  Length:  30, 60 or 120 minutes

Focus on the Methods to Make The Saint John’s Bible

This presentation has a specific focus on the tools, methods and techniques used to create the St John’s Bible.  The Saint John’s Bible used traditional and medieval techniques along with the 20th and 21st Century tools to create a set of books that should last over a thousand years.  This presentation tells the stories of how the Bible was made, how the scribes worked and where the tools came from.  Length:  30, 60 or 120 minutes

Women in the Art and Storytelling of the St John’s Bible

One of the goals of the St John’s Bible was to uplift those people often found in the margins of society like the poor, homeless, children and women.  This presentation looks at how women are represented in the St John’s Bible and can be controversial for those who prefer a paternalistic or conservative view of the lowly position of women.  The unique and powerful place of women in faith formation, consolidation of social values and the creation of Christianity and its place in the world are all explored.  Length:  30 or 60 minutes

Multiculturalism in the St John’s Bible’s Art

How cultures tell their sacred stories and how the tradition of art and illumination is recreated in the 21st century in the St. John’s Bible – using sacred, archaeology, science, astronomy, biology and our modern events to re-illuminate Bible stories.  Length:  30 minutes

Bogs, Burials and Bibles: What the Art in Bibles Tells Us

Take a walk through some of the most famous illuminated and calligraphed bibles over the last 1700 years. Their secrets, stories and success have helped rethink faith and art in a changing world, both then and now. The Book of Kells, St. Cuthbert Gospel, Lindisfarne Gospel and the 21st-century St. John’s Bible will be highlighted on this engaging tour.  Length:  30 minutes

Art, Science and Religion in cohabitation

These amazingly brilliant works of art of the Saint John’s Bible have, “been created to inspire hearts and ignite imaginations.” Since it has been half a millennium since a Benedictine abbey has commissioned a hand-written and hand-illustrated Bible, it is also an historical happening. Internationally celebrated Welsh calligrapher Donald Jackson has spent many years creating this masterpiece of the ages with a select group of artists and scribes.

The Saint John’s Bible allows our spiritual imaginations to be ignited with the powerful, thoughtful and thought-provoking illuminations.  This presentation gives you a peak into a new way of viewing our faith.  Length:  30 or 60 minutes

Illuminating History in art:  What 9/11 taught us about ourselves

This interactive presentation allows small groups of people to unpack and discover what just 3 of the illuminations in the St John’s Bible have to say about destruction, and love, and why forgiveness and generosity of spirit is so essential to us being fulfilled and satisfied in our lives.  Length:  30 minutes


Workshops and Learning Opportunities

The workshops are suitable for any skill level.

Calligraphy demonstration

An interactive demo showcasing the history of the world in lettering and what calligraphy means in our modern era.

Taking our inspiration from the St John’s Bible:  Calligraphy and color class.

A class heavy on colour and light on lettering! Go back to Kindergarten and learn a lot in a relaxing and fun way as we take our inspiration from The Saint John’s Bible.  Everyone can do this class – no experience required.  Suggested per student Cost $150 for 2 fun days of experimentation and learning.  All supplies provided.  A 2.5 hour intro class is also offered for $45 per student or $95 for 6 hours.

Dabble in Calligraphy

Take time to learn a calligraphy hand – for beginners. This lighthearted and fun class will teach you a useful calligraphic hand as well as exposing you to the fun of calligraphy.   All supplies included and you will take home samples and a calligraphic marker to keep learning.  Suggested Cost $45 per student for 2 and a half hours of learning.  Supplies included. 

Decorated Letter Workshop

Drawing, decorating and gilding a Medieval capital letter – No previous experience needed.  This is a great class for people wanting to explore the heritage craft of letter illumination and decoration.  You will take home at least 1 if not 2 letters you have decorated.   Suggested Cost $45 per student for 2 and a half hours of learning.  Supplies included. 

Be a Scribe

Spend a day delving deeper into the calligraphic script used in the St Johns Bible.  Try out some techniques like gilding and working with ancient materials.  A great opportunity for those who wanted a closer calligraphic experience of the Saint John’s bible.  All supplies provided.  Suggested Cost $95 per student for a 6 hour class, all supplies included.  A two day offering is also available where more topics around illumination are covered.