Illuminating Hope Exhibit

Anne Kaese Calligraphy Exhibition

Illuminating Hope:  Calligraphic Expressions of the Thoughts & Blessings People Offer Others

This calligraphy by local artist, Anne Kaese, is a celebration of the common thoughts, prayers, blessings, and desires of people.

Take a look inside the minds of the Dalai Lama, St Francis of Assisi, Max Ehrdman’s “Desiderata”, a 90 year old’s rules for life and Charles Wesley, among others, and find hope and blessings from different nations, religions and viewpoints.  This exhibit strives to remind us to Go into the World and Do Good in the World.  Prints of all the artwork will be available for order.

 The exhibit will hang until the end of December 2017.

Meet Anne on Wednesday December 20th from 4-5:45pm at Luna on 1545 University Dr S in Fargo.

Artist information:  I have been studying and working in calligraphy and watermedia for over 30 years.  I enjoy teaching calligraphy and watercolor.  The historical perspective is fascinating and can be made relevant today even in an age of computers and Photoshop.  The pen and brush continue to make history and art and act as the societal glue we need into today’s world.

Contact information:




Telephone: 1-701-205-INKS (4657)


The summer of no regrets – and when talents get connected

The spring and summer of 2014 were blurs in time for me and my family.  The good news is that blur is now a receding memory and we are all pointing towards the sunshine and the future.

So I thought I would ease into my fall teaching after having taken most of the spring and summer off.  But I had forgotten all that I had agreed to do so it was with some delight that I realized that my fall is completely crazy with studio classes, community classes, traveling classes, 2 exhibitions, and private teaching.  Check out the published schedule 2014 Fall – how stunning is that!

You will see a new class on Silverpoint – my new passion.  Well one of them…..

Now where Silverpoint, Watercolor and Calligraphy collide, we have a great project!  Check out these pictures of a joint project Sandy Muzzy and I are working on for exhibition at the Univeristy of St Thomas this fall.

Anne doing a Silverpoint sketch of Nelson Mandela

Anne doing a Silverpoint sketch of Nelson Mandela

Anne working on Silverpoint calligraphy for Book 3 - the thoughts of Nelson Mandela about building peace

Anne Kaese working on the Silverpoint calligraphy for the thoughts of Nelson Mandela about building peace

Sandy Muzzy working on Book Two - the tale of 3 timelines

This is the book with the 3 timelines. Sandy did the watercolor and I did the calligraphy. Here she is using a bullet for some of the silverpoint – if you draw about war, use the weapons…..

Sandy carefully adding layers of metal to my sketch using a bullet .  The more layers, the darker the image.

Sandy carefully adding layers of metal to my sketch using a bullet . The more layers, the darker the image.

Sandy and I had great conversations about our childhoods growing up in South African, how we grew up innocently in the apardheid era and how the war on terror in South Africa has made both of us pacifists in adult life.  Once you live the war, you never want anyone else to.

PROPOSAL FOR EXHIBIT web– this will help to make sense of it all.  Read that proposal for all the details in what we proposed to do.

We worked on two books together and Sandy has a third.  The opening of this exhibit is the 25th of October at St Thomas University in St Paul MN.

But now I need to get back to working on supply lists, orders and some more detailed syllabi notes.  It is a good day in the Scriptorium!  Enjoy these last days of the season……..