The summer of no regrets – and when talents get connected

The spring and summer of 2014 were blurs in time for me and my family.  The good news is that blur is now a receding memory and we are all pointing towards the sunshine and the future.

So I thought I would ease into my fall teaching after having taken most of the spring and summer off.  But I had forgotten all that I had agreed to do so it was with some delight that I realized that my fall is completely crazy with studio classes, community classes, traveling classes, 2 exhibitions, and private teaching.  Check out the published schedule 2014 Fall – how stunning is that!

You will see a new class on Silverpoint – my new passion.  Well one of them…..

Now where Silverpoint, Watercolor and Calligraphy collide, we have a great project!  Check out these pictures of a joint project Sandy Muzzy and I are working on for exhibition at the Univeristy of St Thomas this fall.

Anne doing a Silverpoint sketch of Nelson Mandela

Anne doing a Silverpoint sketch of Nelson Mandela

Anne working on Silverpoint calligraphy for Book 3 - the thoughts of Nelson Mandela about building peace

Anne Kaese working on the Silverpoint calligraphy for the thoughts of Nelson Mandela about building peace

Sandy Muzzy working on Book Two - the tale of 3 timelines

This is the book with the 3 timelines. Sandy did the watercolor and I did the calligraphy. Here she is using a bullet for some of the silverpoint – if you draw about war, use the weapons…..

Sandy carefully adding layers of metal to my sketch using a bullet .  The more layers, the darker the image.

Sandy carefully adding layers of metal to my sketch using a bullet . The more layers, the darker the image.

Sandy and I had great conversations about our childhoods growing up in South African, how we grew up innocently in the apardheid era and how the war on terror in South Africa has made both of us pacifists in adult life.  Once you live the war, you never want anyone else to.

PROPOSAL FOR EXHIBIT web– this will help to make sense of it all.  Read that proposal for all the details in what we proposed to do.

We worked on two books together and Sandy has a third.  The opening of this exhibit is the 25th of October at St Thomas University in St Paul MN.

But now I need to get back to working on supply lists, orders and some more detailed syllabi notes.  It is a good day in the Scriptorium!  Enjoy these last days of the season……..

Student Exhibition and What Gets Me Going…….

Fall is a good time to get creative!  Join me for classes with Moorhead Community Ed or in my home studio.  All levels welcome.  Class sizes are small.

Christmas is coming

I love this change in season – it always seems like I have to get ready for hibernation and the craziness of the holidays too.
So this is my prime time to learn and expand my creative horizons!
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Student Exhibition at Uncorked

Put December 12th from 5 – 7pm on your calendar for the student exhibition opening at Uncorked on 12 Broadway in Fargo.  See what the students have done over the past few months and celebrate new talent in our community.  This is our 3rd student exhibition and it is always fun to meet and greet.

ArtPulse Feature:  What gets me going

Local media did a feature story on my activities recently – and most importantly, covered the upcoming exhibit called “The Tao of Dr Who” – my new and wonderfully popular series of the wisdom of Dr Who captured with watercolor and calligraphy.  Check out this fun feature.

Who asked for Gift Certificates?

Yes, I do offer gift certificates for classes, works, cards or events in both dollar amounts or by occasion – like giving a friend a calligraphy class or booking a night with friends to paint wine glasses, etc.  Supporting a local art business is satisfying on so many different levels!

February UFO Weekend

Join me for our 4th Annual UFO (Unfinished Object Weekend) on February 7th.  Come and work on any projects in the wonderful lodge or join me in a book making class. This is a lovely weekend for relaxing, getting caught up on a project or learning a new skill!   Click here.

The Saint John’s Bible 2017

This summer’s exhibit was a huge success and our community supported this exhibition in so many unique ways.  Now a small committee is working on bringing the national touring exhibit to the FM area in 2017 in the Fall.  We are working on creating partnering opportunities for many other art organisations, churches, temples, synagogues, schools, theatres, galleries, etc to get involved and get everyone’s spiritual imagination lit up again!  If you would like to volunteer, donate resources or have an idea to share, let me know!

January classes

Our next section of watercolor classes is called “Up Close with Nature” where we will take time to study elements of nature and how to paint them.  The 8 week session starts January 13.  Calligraphy students are going to be working on scripts and books – how much fun is that!

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The warmth of the studio

Autumn is an odd time for me.  I love being able to wear jeans and knitted jersey, fingerless mittens when I walk the dogs and drinking warm coffees.  The colours are my palette of choice and people come home after their busy summer traveling and being sun lovers.  Kids are back in school and my life takes on a new routine that seems quieter and less controllable.  Ahh, autumn …..  The word even sounds like a yoga chant.

I head back into my studio to work on new lesson plans for the 2 watercolor and 2 calligraphy groups that meet weekly here.  After 4 – nearly 5 – years of teaching in this community, I have yet to repeat a lesson and the constant challenge to find new and interesting ways to intrigue and enlighten students is bitter and sweet for me.  Bitter because sometimes I would like to return to a set of successful lessons and do that again but know that I cannot; and sweet as it is so lovely to let ideas swirl to the front of my brain, to be captured and turned into a lesson plan.  I can open up my ever-growing library of books and find examples for students to use as their personal launching pads for ideas in their creative quests.

Classes are held in my home studio, through Moorhead Community or at your site

Classes are held in my home studio, through Moorhead Community or at your site

Ahh, autumn.  The word ends on a happy hum of productivity.

Community education classes in Moorhead start in autumn.  This is my giving back/pay it forward personal gift to our community.  If people are to be interested in art and find ways to include it in their lives, they need access to affordable and imaginative offerings.  Laurie Winterfeldt and her team have worked very hard to build up a program that meets those criteria.  Other artists remind me that teaching community ed is not lucrative financially but not everything is about money.  I get so much more than dollars from community ed – the people, the students, the challenges, the excitement, the satisfaction – all experiences that money cannot buy.  This autumn I am teaching a new calligraphy class on Chancery Cursive, having fun with hand-drawn Celtic Knots and a beginners watercolour class of artful cards – all starting within a week.  And then, for a different kind of fun, we paint and decorate wine glasses at Uncorked in Fargo and enjoy art, food and wine in a different

Painting wine glasses as part of the Moorhead Community Ed program at Uncorked.  Cheers to Art!

Painting wine glasses as part of the Moorhead Community Ed program at Uncorked. Cheers to Art!

setting that has become very popular.  Art should be in the community and the community should be seeking out art as it is good and to be warmly relished in this autumn season.

And as autumn leaves blow past the studio windows, I am reminded that all art is fleeting – a finished product may hang on the walls or in our hearts for a long time but that first flash of inspiration or excitement at a new discovery is a flash of fire and warmth.  And we can never have enough of those, no matter the season.